Why Do So Many People Want to Dress Like the True First Lady of Great Britain?

05/31/2013 20:56

American is a culture of celebrity. Americans look to stars of both big and small screens to help develop art, culture, and fashion. Stars have the power to also shape the social landscape. A commitment to raising awareness and support for a number of world and social justice issues has become almost the essential celebrity accessory. Actors and actresses don’t have the market cornered on the power of fame though.

In addition to actors and actresses, media personalities, sports figures, and even reality television stars have come to enjoy the influence that comes with high profile celebrity. While in the nineties news about Jennifer Aniston and her haircut were hugely influential in setting fashion trends, nearly two decades later celebrities are able to impact far more than just a new style. It is perhaps for this reason that Americans continue to look to them as an example.

While most Americans don’t have the ability to jump on a plane and shape social awareness of a third world crisis, there’s an inspiration that Americans draw from those who do. In many ways, the best way Americans can show their support of stars that inspire them is to look to them to define fashion. The sincerest form of flattery is imitation, and copying the latest Halle Berry hair style is for many American women a way of expression their love and appreciation for the way Ms. Berry works to advance women in society and inspire women of her own background, and any background, that they can do anything.

Another famous woman who has proven an inspiration to millions of women is Victoria Beckham. Clothes were a part of what made Victoria Beckham a star nearly two decades ago, when she rose to prominence as a member of the Spice Girls. Since then, she and husband David Beckham have become in many ways Britain’s First Couple, and Victoria has expanded her influence to include being a prominent businesswoman and fashion designer. As influence and inspiration go hand it hand, her charitable work, including with the Save the Children foundation, s perhaps one reason so many people are fascinated by the Victoria Beckham clothing line. Where to buyitems from the Victoria Beckham clothing is a question that can be answered by a longer and longer list of locations, as the Victoria Beckham clothes line continues to rise in popularity, along with the former “Post Spice” herself.